Prince Harry speech

“its a great shame it has come to this”

Prince Harry said ‘it’s a great shame it has come to this’.  The soon to be Ex-Royal Couple wanted to continue to serve without public funding, but this would be ‘impossible’.

Harry made his feelings towards Meghan clear in the speech, making refences to his mother Princess Diana, his adoration for the general public and the great happiness that Meghan has bought to his life.  He also made it clear that the UK is home and neither he, or Meghan will be walking away.

Harry, after much rumblings from the public, made it clear that it was his decision to no longer formally represent the Royal Family, but they will continue to live a life of service.  His speech was made at Sentebale’s charity event, who work tirelessly for people affected by HIV in Southern Africa, so he would appear to be living up to his word!

But what do we make of this?  Will they serve the Public?  How will they replace their £m’s in public funding?  And will Harry really be able to live the Peaceful life he craves now having slung himself and his family into guaranteed megastardom?  Only time will tell but you’ll find out first here at Harry & Megan News!  Stayed tuned guys!

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