Papped for the Gram? No thanks say Meghan & Harry!

WOW!!  The minute they land on Canadian Shores Harry & Meghan have already backed up their wish for a quiet life my threatening legal action to the local Paparazzi!

After Meghan was papped in Vancouver taking a stroll through the park, the couple reacted angrily and have set their intentions in stone for a life outside the public eye!  The hottest couple on earth outside the press?  Can they achieve the impossible?

Meghan was with Archie and her 2 dogs when she was snapped by a papp hiding in the trees in the park, that coupled with people camped outside their home is making for a stressful welcome to life across the pond!!!

Are they unrelaistic with their wishes? We all want to see the gorgeous couple, right?  Only time will tell but you’ll find out first here at Harry & Megan News!  Stayed tuned guys!

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