Thomas Markle has his say

Thomas Markle has broken his silence on the Harry & Meghan royal break up, fearing he’ll never speak with his daughter or Grandson again!  Thomas claims that he had never heard of Prince Harry when he found out Meghan was dating him, and that they haven’t spoken since their glorious wedding day back in 2018.

Thomas Markle caused controversy before the wedding creating confusion as to whether he would walk his daughter down the aisle, a job that Prince Charles ended up undertaking as Thomas suffered with a heart attack just before the big day.

The documentary was aired on the 22nd January 2020, we’d like to know your thoughts!

Will Thomas ever see Meghan again? Will he be excepted either side of the pond?  Only time will tell but you’ll find out first here at Harry & Megan News!  Stayed tuned guys!

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