where will Archie be educated?

With Harry touching down in Vancouver just this morning to join his wife Meghan and baby Archie, questions are already beginning to surface. 
One such question being where will Archie be educated? 

Harry and Meghan have already highlighted their wish for him to be a global citizen with him owning not only a British passport but also a US one!

So…does this mean that there is potential for Archie to be schooled in the UK? One possibility, if that were to be the case would be the American Community School in Surrey where he would gain an appreciation of his mother Meghan’s heritage. Pupils come from 60 countries worldwide, where it charges £25,000 a year, compared to around £40,000 at Eton College where both his father Harry and Uncle William attended.

If Archie is to be schooled in Canada it will break the tradition of a long line of British Royals at British Schools. 

With so many options the future of little Archie and where he goes to school is very unclear….stay tuned for the latest most up to date info right here at Harry and Meghan News!!

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