social media megastars

Now Harry and Meghan have relived themselves of Royal Duties, they truly have the world at their feet.  A major source of their revenue is highly likely to be through the major social media platforms and sponsored content.  With Instagram paying as much as £1.2m per post, Harry & Meghan look set for riches beyond that of even the Royal Family.

@sussexroyal broke the Instagram record for the fastest one million followers last year, and is now on 11 million and counting.  Can they break the hold of the Kardashians as the most powerful influencers globally?  Given the outreach of the recent revelations you wouldn’t bet against it, and the world wide love and adoration that Harry & Meghan receive.

The question remains that although Harry is used to a life in the limelight, will he adjust to not having the strong royal arm around his shoulder. Will they be advised properly and for the greater good of their family? It’s going to be a fascinating story and we will take you every step of the way.
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