Canadians don’t want to pay for Harry & Meghan

Could it be Harry and Meghan are causing conflict only days after setting up home in their new country of choice?
From various poles and surveys it would seem that the majority of Canadians are more than happy for the couple and their family to live there as long as they don’t have to pay towards it…they feel it’s not their responsibility! More than 3/4’s of the population are adamant that Harry and Meghan should pay for everything they need themselves!
It is unclear where the couple will finally settle but according to poles they should stay away from Quebec area as 17% of the capital city said they would actually be upset if they decided to live in Canada and call it their home! 
It’s fair to say that the country is divided but at this early stage one thing is clear…they won’t be happy if they have to contribute to their lifestyle!!

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