Sussex Royal trademark blocked

There’s been a spanner thrown in the Harry & Meghan works as an unlikely suitor has challenged their bid to trademark Sussex Royal!  Banjamin Worcester from Victoria on Austalia’s South East coast has filed an opposition against the application.  Although the Sussex’s will lose their ‘HRH’ titles, they are planning to use the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand as a base to their commercial ventures.  It’s not yet clear as to why Mr Worcester, who actually worked in the UK for the NHS from 2011-2013, has opposed the trademark.

This is bound to be an unwanted distraction to their Global commercial assault and is likely to mean more legal fees and time against them.  The Trademark has now been placed into a ‘period of objection’ where parties have until the 20th March to voice their objections.  The filing of the notice can be done online, free of charge, so it could just be Mr Worcester attracting attention instead of a genuine opposition, although this remains to be seen.

Will this be the start of many major commercial headaches?  Will Harry & Meghan’s legal team earn their crust?  Stay tuned for the latest, most up to date info right here at Harry & Meghan news!!!

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