the UK v Canada

So Harry & Meghan are yet to decide on where to permanently set up home.  But which country is better?  The UK or Canada?

Here’s the lowdown…

10 Benefits of living in the UK:

Fantastic transport links

Fascinating history

Stunning coastlines

Diverse cities

Beautiful countryside


30 UNESCO world heritage sites!! Yes, 30!

Traditional & Modern cuisine

Free healthcare service

10 Benefits of living in Canada

Low crime rates

Universal Healthcare

Amazing Education System

Ski Country

The Lakes

The best quality air globally


Maple Syrup

The northern lights

Niagara Falls

So Harry & Meghan have a tough choice.  Will they want to break free from the stiff upper lipped British?  Or will those home comforts be too much for Harry to ignore?  Stay tuned for all the latest updates on Harry & Meghan news.

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