William and Harry air-miles apart

Now that Harry is out of the country and settling on Canadian soil, the nation raises that burning question yet again of ‘What was that Royal brothers rift all about? and more importantly with them parting on such bad terms…will the family’s move to Canada see the the two Princes drift even further apart or will absence make the heart grow fonder as they say?…the distance between them could be just what is needed to get their brotherly bond back on track.

The brothers have always had such a close relationship, having been raised in a very different and extreme environment that most other children of their age wouldn’t understand. Their mother’s death at such a young age undeniably brought them together and they have remained closer than close ever since.

The feud seems to have escalated since Harry and Meghan got married however no-one really knows why they fell out.

Let’s hope some air miles between them (hopefully not from a private jet!) will remind the brothers they are family and put it all behind them.

More news here at Harry and Meghan news as the situation develops!

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