homesick already? contingency plans in place!

It would seem that the royal family are expecting an about turn from Harry and Meghan almost before they’ve spent their first weekend as a family on Canadian soil! Reports imply that they are setting up a contingency plan just in case the Paparazzi leaves them fleeing for the comfort and security of the country they left. Already papps have violated their privacy by snapping pictures of Meghan and baby Archie on a dog walk which is far from the privacy and security they have until now been protected by here in the UK.

The royal family are alleged to be setting up Frogmore Cottage as a place for the family to flee if it all becomes too much in the big wide world on their own. Although, the UK will be making sure that over 2 million pounds of tax payers money is paid back by them before that can happen.

The big question then really is, will Harry return home alone when it all becomes too much or will he be accompanied by Meghan & Archie?

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