Meghan Markle acting career

Meghan Markle acting career

From the hospital to the courtroom, it’s fair to say that before Meghan stepped into her latest role as Princess she had a varied and exciting career as an actress.
Scoring a double major in theatre and international studies at Northwestern University School of Communication in 2003 it wasn’t long before she bagged herself a small role with a couple of lines in General Hospital…however it was possibly a case of its not what you know it’s who you know! Meghan’s parents before she was a twinkle in their eye actually met on the set of this long standing American soap opera whilst in the early days of perusing their respective careers!!

Then followed a multitude of ‘bit parts’ in well known TV shows including…CSI, 90210 and The League and movies such as ‘remember me’ and ‘Deceit’.

It wasn’t until 2011 that Markle finally bagged the leading role that would make her a household name (well before becoming a princess anyway! Appearing in no less than 108 episodes of Suits over the course of 7 years until 2011 we saw Rachel turn from paralegal to lawyer and then finally marry her love interest and fellow lawyer Mike Ross.
So there you have it…the world, her biggest audience to date, now watches in anticipation of what is next for Meghan Markle!!


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