Thomas Markle threatens a media enslaught

Thought you’ve seen enough of Thomas Markle?

Thomas Markle interview on ITV's This Morning

Prince Harry told to “man up” by Thomas Markle

The estranged father of Meghan has again spoken out about the lack of contact between Harry & Meghan and himself. 
Speaking on ITV’s this morning, Markle even urged Harry to ‘man up’, a sentiment that’s bound to cause even more bad feeling between the 2 parties.  Markle seems hell bent on taking his 5 minutes of fame, even admitting that his media outbursts will cause problems with Harry & Meghan.
Markle threatened an interview every 30 days, and seeing as he’s being rewarded for his actions you wouldn’t bet against him being true to his word, even if it does cause bad blood between Harry & Meghan. 
Will Thomas Markle rest? Will Harry & Meghan react to the bait? Stay tuned to Harry & Meghan News for all the latest updates.

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