Do Kate & Meghan speak?

Meghan & Kate the best of friends?

It has been reported in the news that allegedly Kate & Meghan have not spoken since Meghan & Harry relocated to Canada.

I guess this raises a lot of questions. Did Meghan & Kate ever speak regularly? Whilst they both shared some royal duties together in the UK as part of the Royal family, it is difficult to say if they got along or not.

You could argue that the physical distance between the two will not help to strengthen their relationship however for all we know they could be face-timing each other every night and discussing who they think is getting voted off love island next (although we doubt that somehow – they probably message on Snap Chat instead!)

It is possible that Kate and William will have to undertake more Royal Duties now that Harry and Meghan have left their duties behind for pastures new in Canada. This will surely be a constant reminder for William that Harry has relinquished his Royal duties, potentially deepening any rift that may or may not be there between the two brothers.

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