Canadians not happy to pay for Harry and Meghan security

Canadian taxpayers not happy paying for Harry & Meghan security

Well would you believe it? 80,000 Canadians and counting have signed a petition to ensure the Canadian taxpayer does not pay for Harry and Meghan’s security.

Due to their high profiles, Harry & Meghan require round the clock security and that does not come cheap. It is thought the annual cost of their security is over £1 million. But as the couples goal is to become financially independent surely this is a cost they should swallow themselves and not rely on the Canadian taxpayer to pay?

It is unclear what Justin Trudeau, Canada’s PM’s position is on the subject although it is thought initially he gave The Queen the nod that Canada will provide security for the couple. If that is the case perhaps he will have to rethink with numbers of Canadians objecting by the day.

If you are a Royal couple looking to leave your home and relocate their are many costs associated with the upheaval including removal, security, housing, travel and other expensive outgoings. If you find yourself in this situation we would recommend starting your own brand and/or a foundation ASAP in order to get the $$$’s rolling in ASAP.

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