Harry and Meghan to earn their own money…but not yet

When will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be financially dependent?

So amidst what can only be branded a shocking and surprising time for the Royals, Harry and Meghan have downed tools and fled the UK for a new life in Canada in just a matter of weeks. The Royal family cobbled together an emergency plan of action after the very unexpected announcement but how much of that is still to be negotiated?

In the last year alone over £5 million pounds has been ploughed into the Sussex’s and Cambridge’s alone purely from the Duchy of Cornwall’s private estate income.
According to their website 95% of their income has always come from this direction with just 5% coming from the sovereign grant which is what they will no longer receive.
It is now said that for the next year it will fall at the responsibility of Charles to fund Harry and Meghan with a review pending after the first year. 

So the question remains, how much of the all encompassing financial freedom the Sussex’s are seeking will actually be earned by themselves and how much ‘freedom’ will they have if they are still being funded by Prince Charles?
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