Business Booming for Prince Harry look-a-like

Prince Harry look-a-like raking the cash in caught up over the weekend with Rhys Whittock a Prince Harry Look-a-like.

Since Harry & Meghan announced their plans to relinquish Royal Duties, the world of Rhys Whittock, the UK’s popular Prince Harry look-a-like, has turned upside down!  Despite his busy schedule we managed to catch up with Rhys on a rare break away from his hectic schedule with a series of questions…

So Rhys, how has Megxit affected your business?

Initially when Megxit was announced people were questioning if we would be seeing much less of Harry and Meghan – would they be living more private lives out of the media spotlight? I have been so busy with work the past 2 years because they have enjoyed an extremely high media profile – probably one of the most photographed celebrity couples in the world – the more time they are on front page news, the busier I am with work. As more details emerged about their future plans for financial independence, the reality is we will probably continue to see them just as much as previously, if not even more as they mingle with Hollywood’s a-list crowd and continue to work with their personal projects and charity work. The intense media interest with Megxit has meant January was an extremely busy month for me with lots of work enquiries and I did lots of TV work like appearing on live TV for ITVs This Morning (UK) and even starred in a TV commercial which will be shown very soon.

What kind of bookings do you get requested for?

I get bookings for photo shoots, to be used for press advertisements or PR stunts, TV commercials, theatre shows and I’m booked to appear at private parties and larger corporate parties, typically with Meghan or other Royal lookalikes. Most of my work takes place for clients in London but I do get sent across the UK also and even further afield – I’ve been flown to Macau, China and Tel Aviv, Israel recently.

Have you ever met Harry or Meghan?

I have not met Harry and Meghan…so far! I hope to meet him one day soon. I have met friends of his at parties and know he his aware of my work. I would like to think he enjoys some of weirder things I get asked to do – like the PR stunt for Skunaboats I did when we imagined his stag party. I was sat in a hot tub boat with Princes William and Charles and I had to wear Union Jack speedos as the Queen waved us off from the dock!

Do you think Harry & Meghan will stay together after Megxit?

I think it all depends on how well Harry can adjust to his new life in North America. They come from completely different worlds, so it will always be tough on one of them to adjust to another culture and being far from family and friends – LA and London are very different places. He has spent his entire life in the Royal Family institution and is making enormous changes by leaving that behind and also leaving his network of friends and home country. Only time will tell if it proves to have been a good decision for them but I certainly wish them every happiness together, wherever they choose to spend their time, and hope their move to North America is a successful one.

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