Over 65’s think Harry & Meghan will divorce by 2025

Will Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Divorce within the next 5 years?

Recently we surveyed members of the British Public to see if they see Harry & Meghan’s marriage lasting the test of time.

We asked 1000 members of the British Public if they thought Harry & Meghan will still be married in 5 years time and the results are below:

39% thought Yes they will still be married

29.3% thought No they will divorce

31.7% Were not sure

Interestingly this trend was reversed when we looked at the results of those surveyed in the over 65 category with the majority (48%) predicting Harry & Meghan to divorce by 2025!

So to summarize, younger people think Harry & Meghan are more likely to stay together and older people the opposite, that they are more likely to divorce.

To analyse the results our chief H&M correspondent Mike Boulon commented:

“Although overall the majority of people think Harry & Meghan will still be married in 5 years time it was not an overwhelming majority. Why could this be? Pressures from a fractured father/daughter relationship, Harry’s distance to the UK and his family and increasing media scrutiny will surely all put pressure on the couples relationship. Hopefully the prediction from our younger survey participants will come true and we will still see them together in 2025 and beyond!”

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