Security Guards or Tea boys?

Harry & Meghan using security staff to run errands

A very different thing to most people however it would seem Harry and Meghan cannot tell the difference. Very highly trained Scotland Yard protection officers have been seen fetching coffee, collecting takeaways and even purchasing organic goods from one of Meghan’s favored Delicatessens.

Approximately 15 security guards have arrived in Canada to protect the couple and baby Archie but it would seem they also double up as personal assistants to wait on the pair hand and foot at any time of the day.
Not only is this a little perplexing for such highly trained and obviously well thought of security individuals, some have suggested this could be dangerous. If a security issue was posed, and one of these security men was collecting coffee from Tim Horton’s, that’s probably not going to provide the highest level of protection!

Perhaps Meghan and Harry need to rethink their strategies somewhat and employ a couple of errand boys for such occasions rather than putting the security of themselves and foremost baby Archie at risk!! 
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