Mark, 36, company director, Colchester – Harry & Meghan views

Whats Mark saying about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle?

Whats Mark saying about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle?

Tell us who you are, and what you do?

I’m Mark and I run a commercial finance company based in Essex 

Are you a fan of the Royal Family?

Always been a fan of the Royal’s, mainly due to charity work and the efforts Queenie puts in for the country. Not a fan of the hyperbole that surrounds a lot of it though.

What are your opinions on Meghxit?

I can appreciate wanting to strike out on your own and carve your own life, especially after the press hounded his mother (who I am her least biggest fan but she got an awful time with them) til the end but find it hypocritical to take the hand outs from daddy and the state in the meantime.

Do you believe that there are any signs that things may not be what they seem with Harry & Meghan?

I think he is very media savvy and knows the press the other side of the pond, who love the royals, will lap up having “one of their own” on their doorstep.

Do you think they will still be together in 5 years time?

Well, look at her track record plus not like Harry’s mum, real dad or Charles have much success in that area.

What’s your opinion of Prince Harry?

the guys done tours of duty for his country, loads of charity work and works hard so can’t fault him

What’s your opinion of Meghan Markle?

Failed TV star who struck gold.

Do you think that Meghan is genuine, or has a hidden agenda?

Be fair to her she was worth a few quid before he met Harry so didn’t need the money or the aggro that comes with being a member of the Royal Family so don’t buy into the while Daily Mail inspired hidden agenda.
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