Glenn Hockley, 38, Projects Data Analyst thinks Harry & Meghan…

Glenn Hockley's thoughts Harry & Meghan

Glenn, thanks for speaking to us, please tell us a bit about yourself

I am a 38 year old Projects Data Analyst from Essex. I enjoy getting out and about and spending time with my family.

What do you think of the Royal Family?

I am not a super fan, I don’t paint the Union Jack flag on my face and attend street parties. But I do like the identity it gives our country.

What are your thoughts on Megxit?

I hate the stories that are created surrounding Megxit. Brothers fighting, Meghan stealing Harry away, the Queen in uproar. To be frank no one knows whats going on in this close nit family, but so many people believe what they read or hear. What the press have done is what we have seen before with Diana and my own opinion is Harry has had enough, he wants the best for his family and what husband/father wouldn’t. It’s a shame to lose them and their representation of our country.

I think the fact that Harry has left the royal family and his duties really does prove how serious he is and how he wants to protect his family. I think it shows that its real, but also that we really cant take anything else from what they have put on for show in the public eye.

Do you think Harry & Meghan will still be married in 5 years time?

I think they will be together in 5 years time.

What do you think about Prince Harry?

Harry has been a true role model for our country, his work on the Invictus Games has been brilliant and his certainly in touch with the public. Whether we will see more of this going forward though we are yet to see.

What do you think about Meghan Markle?

She fell in love with a prince and it all seemed well until they got engaged. Then the press really got hold of her unfortunately. I don’t think we ever truly saw the real Meghan after that as she sought to protect herself. Only in the end when she gave her view on dealing with negative press after her African Journey ITV documentary. Where you could see her struggling.

Do you think Meghan may have a hidden agenda?

Its very difficult to make such a decision when the only information you have to go on is from the press, something that now seems purely after shock stories and profit. You would hope Harry over the years has the ability to make a good judgement, and there must be a reason he fell for her.

Thank you for speaking with us Glenn, top man.

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