Noli, Michigan USA – views on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Noli, Michigan USA - views on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Tell us who you are, and what you do, and a bit about your background?

My name is Noli Mendoza. I am a retired Emergency Medicine physician and Hospital Administrator. I am also a retired American Army officer with 20 years service and 4 combat tours. I currently work as a restaurateur in Michigan, USA.

Are you a fan of the Royal Family?

I am very much a fan of the “Royals” and have been since i can remember. I love studying history and military history. What better example of these than the royal families of Great Britain.

What are your opinions on Meghxit?

Personally, and in deep discussions with my friends and family, Meghxit was not a surprise to me. This young couple has undoubtedly been at odds with the rest of the senior family with their deliberate personal and political “anti-establishment” attitudes and actions. I believe that the root cause is Meghan but that it was her brashness that emboldened Prince Harry to act out more publically.

Do you believe that there are any signs  that things may not be what they seem with Harry & Meghan?

From “the other side of the pond”, i observe 2 things in particular: many Brits wish Mehgan “good riddance” and many Americans wish Meghan “way to show the conservatives who is boss”. I wish to clarify that NOT all and even most Americans support Mehgan Markle. We tend to know these Hollywood types better than the rest of the world. Of they botb had not left together, than she wpuld mostl likely had been asked to… “for the good of the family and the crown, separate herself in a dignified manner”.  And S history shows, this has been done.

I beleive that all is sincere and honest. These two would rather stay together in adversity than be separated for the good of the royal family and the crown. However, i believe that Harry has always been searching for his own identity and personal causes in the shadows of figured such as his parents, grandparents, and brother. This is his opportunity to “break that mold and break away”. As most young people do, i thonk they did not consider the full ramifications.

Do you still think they will be together in 5 years time?

My 5 year prediction, and in all honesty. I believe that they will be divorced in 5 years. It is a sad prediction but i cite the following: 1) Harry is used to a certain lifestyle, presence, and level of celebrity (and anonymity) that he will never have among North Americans especially the family and friends of Meghan Markle and the Hollywood set. 2) they are now on her “turf”, in her territory and she will demand more notoriety and celebrity status that she just has never commanded even when she was on television. Harry will overshadow her and she won’t take kindly to that. 3) the Hollywood people are typically left liberals bordering on communist and these political views will … aggravate Harry especially when they begin to dictate how he should raise Archie. And, they will because lefty liberals love to interfere in others’ family lives. 4) the Royal family is a close knit group and William will never turn his back on his own brother. There will be a bond that Harry will miss.

What’s your opinion of Prince Harry?

My opinion of Harry, being the youngest of two brothers like me, is that he is intelligent, whimsical and aloof, a bit of a party goer, and enjoys tradition though maybe not convservatism. He has represented himself well despite his entrance into public life started with the tragic death of his mother.  He is searching for his place in the world.

What’s your opinion of Meghan Markle?

My opinion of Meghan Markle. Well, I’m among the statistically 65% of Americans that believe she is a “gold digger”. I’m willing to believe she loves Harry, but she was out of her league marrying into royalty. She was not prepared or perhaps refused to live the life expected if a Royal. Yes, 65% of Americans think she’s in this marriage for her own celebrity status and the money. If they divorce, especially if they live in California, she will demand half Harry’s financial assets, present and future. Her acting career is NOT stellar by any means because… she’s not that good.

Do you think Meghan is genuine or-does she have a hidden agenda?

Is Meghan genuine? I’m a romantic by nature so I’m willing to believe that she is genuine in her love of Harry. But, are they compatible? No. I’m not saying that “commoners” cannot succeed at marrying royalty. But, there is a large adjustment in life and a certain level of acceptance that must come from bith sides. One’s personal and political views must… converge and compramise with the other’s. I used to help in church counseling couples getting married. One of the points i raised was, “you are marrying into that family.  If you disagree or are bothered by family members, you’d better discuss it BEFORE you get married. Love is easy, marriage is hard.”

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