We spoke to Les Longhurst in Jamaica about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Hi Les, wys? tell us about yourself even…

I am kind of retired, with various careers behind me. Educated to post-grad and fairly well travelled. A wealth of knowledge, with some it useful.

Alright Les, what do you think about the Royal Family, are you a fan?

Not particularly. I can see they have their uses, and I applaud them for trying to change with the times.

What do you think about Megxit?

I think it must have been a very tough decision, but was not planned from the start.

As for their relationship, it is a funny one, because Harry especially, has been brought up surrounded by the media circus.

Do you think their relationship is genuine?

I hope they are. There is more than enough evil in the world, so having real love for each other is a rare commodity.

What do you think about Prince Harry?

I think he is a good bloke, with genuine intentions, but he is damaged, and I wonder if he ever had counselling. Being a result of your mother’s affair, then her tragic death, and having a seemingly cold father, must all affect you. You wouldn’t be human if it didn’t.

Les owns and runs Big Red’s boutique B&B in Bull Savannah, Jamaica.

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