Prince Harry & Meghan Markle views from Frankie Morgan

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle views from Frankie Morgan

Hi Frankie,

thanks for taking the time to speak with us..

Tell us who you are, and what you do and a bit about your background! My name is frankie Morgan. I am 18 years old. I’m a boxer at white collar level. I have been in boxing since the age of 4.

Are you a fan of the Royal Family?
 I believe the royal family is good for the country as they keep the country in shape and bring in a lot of Money.

What are your opinions on Megxit? I do not really have an opinion on this topic as I haven’t looked into it too much. But I believe If that’s what they want then it should be respected.

Do you believe that there are any signs that things may not be what they seem with Harry & Meghan?
 I believe there could be. But it would be very hard to hide stuff being in such a big limelight like Prince Harry.

Do you think they will still be together in 5 years time? I believe they will be. As long as they stick to what they have said.

What’s your opinion of Prince Harry?
 I think he’s a very inspirational figure. He has fought for our country many of times and always voices he’s opinion.

What’s your opinion of Meghan Markle?
 I do not really have an opinion as I don’t know too much about her.

Do you think that Meghan is genuine, or does she have a hidden agenda?

I believe that she is genuine. But then again. She is a great actress 😂

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