Social Media Influencer Steph, AKA “Scouse Bird”exclusive interview with Harry Meghan News

Social Media Influencer Steph, AKA "Scounse Bird"exclusive interview with Harry Meghan News

Tell us who you are, and what you do and a bit about your background!

I’m Steph and I’ve been a full time blogger for a good 8 years now. I started out by saying the things people wouldn’t admit out loud and now I have my own shop and range of spirits and I host events all over the city.

Are you a fan of the Royal Family?

I’m a massive fan of the Plantagenets and The Tudors and I love the history of it all. I’m not a fan of the current royal family no, especially with all the recent scandals. They do bring a lot of money in in tourism but perhaps they should follow in the footsteps of Meghan and Harry and move to become more self sufficient. That being said, I don’t think they should be abolished either, purely based on the fact that like a castle, they’re a piece of history, living history and history should preserved. Maybe not at the expense of the UK population though.

What are your opinions on Megxit?

Oh it’s brilliant. Well done. I genuinely don’t see why anyone would have a problem with them moving with the times and becoming self sufficient? Harry’s not in line to inherit the throne anyway and in any case, it doesn’t really matter who inherits the crown because the royal family no longer rule. It’s a modern move and more power to them, the rest of the family should follow suit.

Do you believe that there are any signs that things may not be what they seem with Harry & Meghan?

No. They seem genuinely loved up albeit under a lot of stress, and who wouldn’t be with all the abuse thrown Meghan’s way. When you’re in the public eye, people think they have some sort of right to your life, that you should live it for other people and not yourself and that they’re free to make whatever comment, no matter how nasty. That’s got to hurt, no matter how thick your skin is and to be Harry and seeing the woman you love going through that, it won’t be nice at all.

Do you think they will still be together in 5 years time?


What’s your opinion of Prince Harry?

He’s made some dodgy choices in his time – Nazi costume anyone? But he is the second son. In Tudor times, being the second son, Henry VIII, was never meant to rule, it was his older brother Arthur. Arthur died suddenly and Henry became king but in his youth he hadn’t been prepared, he’d been allowed to run wild and free and enjoy all the trappings of royalty but with none of the responsibility. He was the ‘cool royal’ just like Harry is now. However, Harry losing his mother at such a young age has definitely given him a serious side.

What’s your opinion of Meghan Markle?

She’s an absolute babe. Loved her in suits, loving her in royalty. She’s the type who won’t roll over and just let her life be ruled by tradition, but she’s smart enough to know when to concede and when to wait. She gave up her career for the man she loved, which as a vocal feminist must have been hard, but now we have a 180 degree turn. I doubt she’d return to acting but I can deffo see an amazing high profile career for her.

Do you think that Meghan is genuine, or does she have a hidden agenda?

She’s definitely genuine. I don’t see being assertive and strong willed as being a bad thing. Sorry but no. More women like this please.

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