Corbyn activist Jade Unal talks to Harry Meghan News

Corbyn activist Jade Unal talks to Harry Meghan News

Hi Jade, Thank you for taking the time to speak with us..

The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for wanting to speak to me 🙂 

Please tell us a bit about yourself, where you are from and what you do?

Ok, so I’m Jade, single mother of one and the founder of Corbyn’s Community. I was born in Manchester, grew up in Spain, moved to West Yorkshire six years ago and last year moved to Lancashire. The day the general election results were called I built a community of over 20,000 alike minded people with the help of the original members. People that were devastated with the result and we wanted to turn it into something positive. I guess that is when ‘what I do’ began… 
In just 12 days before Christmas we managed to raise hundreds of thousands of donations for food banks, women’s refuges, blood banks, homeless shelters- you name it, the group did it and continues to do so daily. On day 4 we hit our first target and managed to raise over £7,000, that was pretty cool and it gave me some mad adrenaline, my mental health was improving and I started to like people again- so I carried on. I now work with three other northern girls and we do our best to keep the group engaged and active whilst leading insanely stressful but funny lives behind the scenes. We are best mates, it’s cute. I am so immensely proud of the group and all it has achieved since December.
It did start off as a small thing, but thankfully it is a 24/7 active community, where we network, support and provide information to help those struggling and those struggling to provide help to vulnerable people. I guess we are a platform of activists on a national level that encourage others to become more involved in their local communities. We deal mainly with small organisations rather than big charities as sadly they do not get the funding the larger ones receive and are at more risk of closing down. We are a grassroots movement I suppose, a grassroots movement of kindness and hope- is that cringe? 
The girls and I spend every single day ensuring that people don’t die of hunger when their local food bank closes by working with small charities, organisations, businesses and non-profits. We have all experienced real life and have a passion, hunger, a need to fulfil some kind of life purpose- all revolving around helping others. We want to use our experiences to make sure others don’t suffer like we have. We have different ideas and visions what to implement locally but on a national scale, we have the same goals. This year we are expanding, which is exciting as it means we can 100% directly help those that need it rather than fundraising through JustGiving pages which make a profit out of donations. 

Are you a fan of the Royal Family?

I think the only person who would make me weak at the knees is Corbyn. I am not a fan, but I don’t hate them either, but I don’t necessarily like them or the history of the monarchy. 
You wouldn’t catch me gathering around the TV at Christmas time waving a little flag about and listening to how great things have been whilst singing God Save The Queen. The U.K. is suffering, people have been dying at alarming rates, the royals have done nothing other than cover up their own scandals. So I cheered with Harry and Meghan decided to leave, good on them!
They do a lot for charity I guess, but they are millionaires, you can’t be a millionaire and very charitable in my eyes. I think the royals are hoarders of money and believe in an unequal society. I am a socialist, as are many in the group. It is obvious that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. How I see it is, the royals are watching it happen from one of their 775 rooms at the palace. That is one of the properties they own. The help they do is a drop in the ocean, let’s face it. 
Secondly, the ‘Prince Andrew situation’ and his friendships with peadophiles makes me sick. I am appalled and disgusted with how it has been handled and the cover up itself demonstrates the rich are untouchable and the law doesn’t apply to them. If regular people did the things politicians and royalty have done, for a very long time, we would be classed as criminals. I myself have been a victim of abuse on multiple occasions and understand the victims mindset throughout such a process, to be dismissed, accused of being a liar and mocked for speaking out is mind blowing. It is brave to speak out, sadly we have to in 2020, it wasn’t long ago you could legally rape your wife. It happens more than people realise and should not be accepted or forgotten about. 
He did it. Let’s face it.. 
Lastly, Diana wasn’t accepted into the family, surly that says everything?With a heart as big and a soul as pure as hers and they didn’t like her? Come on… 

What are your thoughts on Harry & Meghan leaving the UK for Canada/USA?

I LOVE what they have done. What a two fingers up to the establishment! I wouldn’t mind falling in love, marrying a prince, carrying out humanitarian work globally, having a baby and leaving to Canada! 
Isn’t that the dream? 

What’s your opinion of Prince Harry?

Harry, he is cute isn’t he? He’s gone through a lot but it doesn’t excuse anybody from dressing up as a nazi, my family were polish jews so, yeah. 
I am a firm believer in everyone can change and we have all acted like idiots when we were younger. All of this focusing on somebodies past mistakes is weird to me, we change all the time and learn if we allow ourselves to. Personal growth is everything and he has the money to be mentored by the greatest!
What is wrong with wanting to live a peaceful life with his new family? It is completely acceptable, given that he lost his mum before her time and has suffered horrendous treatment from the media on top of that. Can you imagine? So for him to want to leave to protect his wife and child.  As a dad, what a role model!! Although I am happy they have made that decision lets think about if it was a Palestinian family, with no money, status or security keeping them safe in their own country. If they wanted to get up and go because they feared for their life, it wouldn’t be so easy, and if it was possible the persecution and hatred would they would face in their new abode would only lead to isolation and fear as we have a racist as a PM and it is becoming acceptable to be a d*ck. Status and wealth should not define how we treat people- period. 

What’s your opinion of Meghan Markle?

I see Meghan as a spiritual person, if something doesn’t bring her positivity and peace, she doesn’t want to know. I am at that stage of my life, if it is toxic, cut it out and rightly so. The media have portrayed her to be a yoga fanatic, vegan, spiritual freak that can’t dress properly or say anything right. Anything and everything she has done has been scrutinised and commented on. How sad. 
I think she is a spokesperson for the black community and frankly, she is what we need right now. The black community are being attacked and regardless of if you have ever suffered racism or not, we should fight it in every form. Her presence in the royal family has opened up and allowed public debate, and it is apparent that racism is imbedded in our society. It is happening in the police force, the government, it has been fed to us by the media FOR FOREVER. 
Let Megs do as she pleases, she’s beautiful and cares about the world, the media think women can’t do both and have tried to take her down. So my opinion on Meghan, I think she has handled herself with grace and will do some incredible things in her life, she has Diana qualities and is slightly rebellious, she’s the change that was needed to modernise or erase the monarchy.

Do you think Harry & Meghan will still be together in 5 years time?

I do hope so, between them both they do incredible charity work. I just hope they will help smaller organisations as we do, that are struggling and do not get the funding the larger ones get. They will help on a global level but I can’t imagine they will be in a rush to come back and help here. Some of the press/media have reported a change in how Prince Harry conducts himself since he married Meghan. Have you noticed any change and if so how has he changed?Yes, he is now a married man with a child, and he should be a role model to all dads out there on, ‘How to Conduct Oneself with Child’. Gone are the nights out wearing nazi uniforms and partying naked, he has bagged himself a 10/10 and is loving life. I think they are cute, and I can’t stand the royals- did I mention that? This is an actual modern day fairy tale and its being portrayed as Meghan is holding him hostage and making all of his decisions. If he doesn’t want to eat animal flesh, so be it. If he want’s to meditate, well done, it works! 

Do you think Harry and Meghan have been treated fairly by the press?
I don’t read the paper or watch the news but I sometimes read online. I noticed years ago that ‘news’ such as The S*n and The Daily Fail have always put women down by commenting on how fat and ugly she is when they are literally angels sent from above- Meghan is stunning. These women are unrealistic as it is, then throw social media and unfair press in the mix and there we have a society which believes the outside is more important than the inside.How do you get followers if you don’t look like you’ve been sculpted by a god? 
The media and unfair press on most reality tv stars and ‘celebs’ are to blame and I think individual journalists along with the news outlet should be investigated and held accountable if they harass people and print lies. 
Corbyn has faced it everyday for the past how many years now? It is sickening to watch. The media can do and say as they please, but where does it end? Bullies are ruling the playground in the said affairs we call life. Fathers4Justice bullied both Caroline and Meghan and Caroline didn’t have a child. It is worth checking them out and reporting their account- it is a vile anti women group that disguise theirselves as caring fathers. 

On the weekend in the UK we learned the tragic news that TV presenter Caroline Flack sadly took her own life. There has been lots of debate in the UK specifically about how the press & public on social media treat people in the public eye. Do you think anything needs to change?

The girls and I that run Corbyn’s Community try our hardest to keep positive, but it is challenging sometimes. I am currently taking some time out from the group and other commitments, the news of Caroline Flack has knocked me as it is close to home. I don’t watch love island, or have an opinion on her but I feel dreadful that somebody died because they felt it was the only way out. It feels like a ‘it could have been me’ situation and it has knocked me. Everyone is talking about it and everyone has an opinion on suicide all of a sudden. The topics around, who is worthy or life and death based on moments of madness or mental health issues? Are you selfish if you end your life? These conversations are needed, but heavy and overwhelming sometimes. I have experienced online bullying and it hurts,A LOT, so I can appreciate, on a much smaller scale. Last year I attempted to end my life twice due to online bullying and harassment so it is a sore subject. I was raped, then attacked months later, here I developed PTSD which isolated me from the world for 8 months. Over the course of two years I have received thousands of messages and I was just ‘ that labour activist that was beaten up’, I was hardly a public figure. I deleted social media for a while, but felt further isolated from the world- it was lonely and depressing. 
The day I got out of rehab after the crisis team intervened, I received anonymous messages telling me to kill myself properly next time. Nobody knew I was in rehab, but they did. They watch everything I do, create accounts to befriend me and wait in the sidelines to pounce, trolls are not things that live under a bridge, they are wanting to inflict pain and damage to those they target. The police should do more, the system is broken and people are slipping through the nets and not receiving help on all platforms. I am thankful that Caroline, Harry and Megan raised awareness by speaking out, breaking the rules and creating a conversation that will hopefully strengthen what has been broken in society for so long.
I am glad that I am here, and those nasty words didn’t break me as I love my daughter more than anything on the planet and I want to watch her grow. My message is, just live one more day, keep it going. Wake up, be grateful and find your voice. Don’t let the darkness consume you when you can use your story to change things for the better, I believe 100% that the only way to change the world is to do it with kindness and I’m not the only one. 

Thank you for talking to us.
Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 

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