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Was it a mistake for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle to move to Canada?

Should Prince Harry & Meghan Markle have moved to Canada? Interesting question! and after nearly a month of living in Canada we wanted to find out what the British public thought of prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s move across the pond? Their move has certainly been well documented with the press commenting on their every move from how they treat

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Which teams do Harry & Meghan support?

Sports teams that Harry & Meghan support Harry & Meghan come from 2 totally different cultures and backgrounds in terms of sport, and sporting teams.  Harry would have been bought up following Rugby and Football (Soccer), whereas Meghan would have been exposed to Basketball, American Football and Baseball!  But who do they support?   Firstly, Harry is passionate about Rugby, and

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Security Guards or Tea boys?

Harry & Meghan using security staff to run errands A very different thing to most people however it would seem Harry and Meghan cannot tell the difference. Very highly trained Scotland Yard protection officers have been seen fetching coffee, collecting takeaways and even purchasing organic goods from one of Meghan’s favored Delicatessens. Approximately 15 security guards have arrived in Canada to

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Business Booming for Prince Harry look-a-like

Prince Harry look-a-like raking the cash in caught up over the weekend with Rhys Whittock a Prince Harry Look-a-like. Since Harry & Meghan announced their plans to relinquish Royal Duties, the world of Rhys Whittock, the UK’s popular Prince Harry look-a-like, has turned upside down!  Despite his busy schedule we managed to catch up with Rhys on a rare

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Canadians not happy to pay for Harry and Meghan security

Canadian taxpayers not happy paying for Harry & Meghan security Well would you believe it? 80,000 Canadians and counting have signed a petition to ensure the Canadian taxpayer does not pay for Harry and Meghan’s security. Due to their high profiles, Harry & Meghan require round the clock security and that does not come cheap. It is thought the annual cost

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